This is our Services page. Here you can see all services we offer. If you don’t see something that should be here, Please drop us an email.

Below is a list of services we offer.

Full Music production.
We offer you some of the best instruments from around the world to bring your musical idea to life, from a high-end Steinway Grand Piano to a sweet sounding Cherry electric bass. Not forgetting our top quality drums, percussion, brass, strings, guitars keys and everything else in between. We work tirelessly to bring to you that perfect track for your live performance, karaoke night, radio commercials and more.

Mixing: Bringing Multiple Layers Together

Mixing refers to the process of compiling multiple layers of audio together to make a final track or to musically modify an existing track.

Mastering: Optimizing the Overall Sound

Think of mastering as adding sparkle and shine to your music. The term refers to the process of optimizing each individual track by compressing, equalizing, making stereo enhancements, or adjusting the reverberation (echo) effect.
We use some of the best High-End mastering plugins available on the market today to give you that wonderful shine to your music.

Sound effects.
If you’re looking for sound effects for your Games, Podcasts, News Broadcasts, or maybe you’re designing your own custom devices/gadgets, we got what you need. Clicks, Pops, Swooshes, Buttons, Slides and much much more. All the right sound effects for all your needs.

Deejay Drops
Are you a Deejay and looking for that perfect drop? Come to us for the perfect custom made drops for your Deejay services.

Station IDs
If you own a radio station and in need of an ID, visit us today to get that custom made ID for your station.

DJ services.
Having a party, wedding, or other type of function? Well, Deejay services are also available.

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